7Blaze Podcast #20 – Frankly, my dear, I do give a damn

In 2017 probably most marketers and business owners understand that pure advertisement doesn’t work as effectively as it used to. People are fed up with being bombarded by ads and they are likely to ignore product that is shoven down their throats. So how can businesses advertise their products in these conditions? A solution called content marketing comes to the rescue, that can turn a casual visitor into a loyal customer. But as with many things in this world, you can use content marketing wrong. So how do you produce content that your audience like and can convert them into customers?

In order to make content marketing work in your favor you have to produce high quality content, that people are willing to promote for you and will get interested in buying your product. But how can you achieve that?

In our special, 20th episode we have two special quests: Adam Rang from content marketing agency Rang Media House and programmer/blogger William P Ross with whom we are going to discuss about creating content that people actually need and care about.
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Podcast was produced by Henrik Veeäär from Lakeside Sound.


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