7Blaze Podcast #24 – What it’s like abroad?

Although internet and social media outlets are used across the globe by billions of people every day, not everyone uses them the same way.  In every state people use social media a bit differently: starting from the way they make posts on Facebook ending with using  outlets which has never been seen by mankind before. But what causes those differences and what should marketers take into consideration when promoting product in unmarked territories?

This time we invited over two foreigners, estonian living in UK, Kerli Tarum and finn living in Estonia, Tommy Tillander, who share their experience of social media usage in and outside Estonia. We will discuss why do people use social media differently in different countries, which social media trends should be adopted by estonians and what should world learn from estonian social media users.
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Podcast was produced by Henrik Veeäär from Lakeside Sound.

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