Social Media Hero – Ailar Väärtmaa

I want to clear this up – I don’t think that I’m a hero in any way. Heroes save lives, I’m not saving lives. I just put my heart into what I do and if it creates value to people, then I’m happy.

A blog post about the people behind social media.


Name: Ailar Väärtmaa
Company: I have two jobs: 1. Taevas Ogilvy / 2. Velonia Bicycles (Viks)
Position: 1. Digital & social project manager / 2. Marketing
Years in field: On a professional level about 2 years.
LinkedinFacebook, Instagram 


What was your first social media business account you managed?

I think it was probably the youth portal “Vahetund”, where I worked as a volunteer economy journalist back in 2010, during good old high school times…


In 90 characters describe social media?

A place where people, brands and ideas come together.


If you could only use one social media platform, then what would it be?

It would probably be Facebook, because it’s the most social platform in my opinion.


Proudest achievement?

I am unable to come up with one “proudest achievement” because there are many achievements I am equally proud of…and greatest achievements are yet to come.


What was the coolest project that you have done or been a part of?

I’m quite sure, the coolest journey has been building Viks brand. Check us out: 


What world class brand would you like to manage in social media?

I’m sure this company isn’t founded yet. If you have an awesome idea and you are looking for a co-founder with my knowledge, hit me up. If the idea touches my soul, we might make it happen.


If you don’t have internet and electricity for a longer period what would you do?

I guess my pencil writing muscles would get stronger, because I would write. Writing is my way of dissolving thoughts. And being outdoors of course, I love the smell of country air.


Is internet ruled by cats?

I would like to believe it is not. For me internet is a place of connection and source for information & inspiration.


Who is your role model?

There have been many role models in my life. Everyone has something to teach, you have just have to notice it. It might sound ridiculous, but I see inspiration everywhere I go. My global business heroes list is quite classical: Jobs, Branson, Vaynerchuck, Knight, Musk, Ogilvy, Lakhiani – I like to learn from the best.


What is the biggest mistake you have seen on social media?

I think the funniest thing lately are business/sales people doubting in the power of social media. Their brands on social usually look like this: they post shitty pictures of their ugly looking product, and with a copy saying “This is new product and it’s very good” and then they yell in the internet “SOCIAL DOES NOT WORK”. If you are a bad cook, it doesn’t mean food in general sucks.


What is the first step to become a social media hero?

To be a real hero – become a doctor, figher fighter, police officer, save some lives. If you want to be good in social media, learn from the best content creators and make the best content you can. Never stop learning.


What are your suggestions for a beginner social media manager?

I like to think that marketing is pretty similar to an orchestra. There are many different instruments which have to play together well, in order to create something amazing as a result. Same in marketing – social is only a part of it. My suggestion is to study orchestra, before you go deeply into your instrument…


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