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[#42] Influencer Influenca – Aleks Koha & Avery Schrader

Instagram and influencer marketing is on the rise and smart marketers and business owners take advantage of it.

Would you like to work with an influencer who’s followers live near your business?

What’s the main key metric you should focus on when working with influencers?

Celebrity influencer or micro influencers?

What should you do to become an influencer?

Why should you use a platform instead of finding influencers yourself?

And a whole lot more influencer marketing questions get answered in this episode by Aleks Koha, founder of Promoty and Avery Schrader, founder of Modash.

Tune in and enjoy!


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Resources mentioned on the episode

Aleks Koha – founder of Promoty and TitanGrid

7Blaze podcast-Aleks-Koha


Promoty is a platform to match marketers with influencers.

TitanGrid is a platform that automatically discovers the information that you have left out there on the Internet

through automating the same tools that the hackers use for a targeted cybercrime with a little AI spice.

7blaze podcast-Avery-Schrader


Avery Schrader – founder of Modash

Modash is an audience targeting influencer campaigns platform that helps marketers to simplify their influencer marketing workflow.




Reddit – according to Alexa, Reddit is the fifth most popular site in the United States and 18th worldwide.

Essentially, it’s a massive collection of forums, where people can share news and content or comment on other people’s posts.



Warm parting advice from our guests


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Thank you, Aleks and Avery, for this awesome podcast!

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