Kairi Killing

Social Media Hero – Kairi Killing

You can not put on a social media cape and save a disastrous product or campaign. But with the help of social media you can fly a great product or campaign into the starry sky so everyone can see and marvel at it. That is what I do!


A blog post about the people behind social media.

Name: Kairi Killing
Company: Sportland International Group
Position: Digital Marketing Manager
Years in field: 7
LinkedinFacebookInstagram, YouTube


What was your first social media business account you managed?

Hmm, I actually can not remember. Maybe it was CityMotors or Kumb saab rohkem hääli – kas Lennart või Che? Anyways I do remember consulting my colleague Google a lot during that time and having so many firsts. Like the first social media car auction or Lennart and Che Facebook battle app. Today you really have to push yourself to come up with new and interesting things. Back then everything you did was new.


In 90 characters describe social media?

A vast universe built on democracy where life is edited and the cool kids rule the world.


If you could only use one social media platform, then what would it be?

You can probably guess by my profile pic. I would have to go with Snapchat. I mean it’s hard to live without those filters (Instagram filters really can’t compare). ?
In all honesty I see the value and ease of using Facebook but I see the connection level and creativity Snapchat provides especially when you are talking about growing up with your client not just advertising the shhh out of a platform.
I really can’t express how much cool content we get from our Snapchat friends as Sportland Eesti. Everything from a picture of their Nike shoes with a text “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Nike shoes and that’s basically the same.” to workout videos inspired by our content.


Proudest achievement?

Every single time I see a spark light up behind the eyes of people attending my workshops I feel proud. But the proudest achievement is most likely yet to come.


What was the coolest project that you have done or been a part of?

Being a part of Estonian YouTuber community (creat.ly) is definitely the coolest experience. I mean talk about changing media as we know it and learning from teenagers who do social better than most big brands.


What world class brand would you like to manage in social media?

NASA for sure, who wouldn’t love to tweet as a Curiosity Rover (https://twitter.com/marscuriosity) from the surface of Mars.
Or “The Onion”. Those guys are insane…managing their social media accounts would promise a lot of creative freedom and craziness.


If you don’t have internet and electricity for a longer period what would you do?

Get back to the roots ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCKkHqlx9dE


Is internet ruled by cats?

The time of cats has passed. All the power lies in the hands of 20 something year olds who call themselves ambassadors.


Who is your role model and why?

I would go with Casey Neistat. Not only is he extremely good at content creation he is also an inspiring human being. Work hard, play hard and create harder!


If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?

The Marvel and DC world have passed me by, so can I just stick to being a social media hero?  

What is the biggest mistake you have seen on social media?

I think the biggest mistake is that we assume that people care about our products/services as much as we do. They really don’t!


What is the first step to become a social media hero?

Be social and try to make the social experience better!


What are your suggestions for a beginner social media manager?

See the big picture! A social media specialist can’t swoop in with a magical cape and save the day. Social is just a small (powerful, but small) part of it all. So learn your marketing ABC’s.


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